Webinator V6.0 improves XML output

Search results in XML are available, for complete customization via XSL stylesheets.
September 14, 2011 - 9:31
Feature Release

Webinator is a highly customizable package that allows a Website administrator to easily create and deploy a high quality search interface to collections of web documents. With support for multiple collections, a single installation can serve searches for many websites, or different areas within a website, and a customizable thesaurus or synonym file allows users to find documents even if the terminology they use is different from that on the site. Webinator creates a full-text search interface to collections of HTML, PDF, word processing, and other types of documents, which may be on a web site, intranet, or anywhere on the Internet. Features include: relevance ranking, customizable user interface, web-based administration, Index Flash and JavaScript links and content. Index multiple sites, update while in use, similarity searches ('more like this'), indexes secure (ssl/https) sites, ignores navigation bars and duplicate pages, detailed verification and logging.

Updates in V6.0

  • XML output and SOAP API: Search results in XML are available, for complete customization via XSL stylesheets. A SOAP API makes automated searches easy
  • Faster crawls: Support for HTTP/1.1 compression is standard, which can speed up crawling and decrease bandwidth
  • Faster searches: New Categories Type setting improves category searches in many environments
  • Unicode support: International searches are easier with the ability to ignore or respect accents, diacritical marks, etc.
  • Meta search: Version 6 supports meta-searching of multiple profiles, combining their results as if one
  • Customizable Thesaurus: Search terms unique to an industry or site can be added to aid users' searches, via customizable thesauri
  • Backup/restore settings: Version 6 can save and restore all or some profiles' settings, making disaster recovery or installation cloning easier

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Thunderstone Software LLC is an independent R&D company that has been providing high-performance state-of-the-art solutions to intelligent information retrieval and management problems for over 21 years. Their flagship product, Texis™, is the most comprehensive text retrieval and publishing software available. In one package Texis provides every full-text, SQL, multimedia management, and dynamic publishing operation needed for an enterprise search application.

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