ClearSQL 6.0 adds track and compare functionality

Edit, format and analyze your Oracle PL/SQL code, count metrics and enforce coding standards.
November 08, 2011 - 11:36
Feature Release

ClearSQL is a full-blown code analyzer and editor for legacy code maintenance. It lets you analyze declarations, exceptions and the control flow, remove anomalies, automatically fix and format your PL/SQL. With ClearSQL you can flowchart your legacy code to discover logic, and visualize the conditional branches, loops and jumps, in order to see the visual patterns of your code. You can also generate call tree diagrams and CRUD matrices to discover data flows between subroutines and datasets to identify performance problems.

Updates in 6.0

  • Oracle Forms and PL/SQL library support - Import Oracle forms and PL/SQL libraries into a ClearSQL project, analyze, format, fix and illustrate their PL/SQL code.
  • Analysis summaries - Available at ClearSQL project, folder and script levels, the summary page lets you view important analysis information shown graphically as pies, bars and grids.
  • Track and compare changes - Each analysis creates a new “snapshot”, storing project content and script analysis values, these “snapshots” can then be compared.
  • Automated project and database analysis - Automate analysis of ClearSQL projects via its scheduled jobs, third party schedulers or the Windows Command Line.
  • Analyzer View  - The new GUI splits the analysis information of the project, script diagrams and analysis history into different panes and tabs.
  • Active Workspace - Customize the position, size and visibility of ClearSQL GUI elements.

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Analyzing object with ClearSQL.


PL/SQL analyzer, formatter, diagrammer and editor.

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