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Create User Interface designs and interactive prototypes without writing any code.
November 15, 2011 - 16:48
Feature Release

GUI Design Studio is a tool which allows you to create screen designs and application prototypes quickly. Get early feedback and acceptance of designs to dramatically reduce rework, costs and project risks. Try alternative designs, iron out usability issues, find missing requirements and identify areas of difficulty, all before committing to implementation.

Updates in V4.3

  • New Look - The application has been given a make-over with fresher icons, neater rendering and anti-aliasing of certain graphical elements.
  • Workspace Background Options - A new preference option has been added to set a background to the design workspace from a number of presets that include a flat color or tiled image overlaid with optional horizontal lines, vertical lines and dots.
  • Sketch Visual Style - Includes a new “Sketch” style option providing a hand drawn look and feel.
  • Image Slicing to Maintain Corners - Bitmap images now support slicing to provide resizable background images for custom elements, such as buttons, and CSS3-style borders.
  • Line Segments - New Line Segment elements have been added with various options for shape, text label and arrow heads.
  • New Shapes - New Shape elements have been added with various fill and border options, plus transparency and drop shadows
  • Monochrome Display Options - Project options now allow you to design with elements and/or images displayed in monochrome to focus attention on content and layout and avoid distractions caused by color.
  • Smoother Rendering - The new graphics engine means rendering should appear smoother. Standard font sizes have been adjusted to improve their display.
  • Sound Files - .wav file types now shows up in the Project File Tree and can be added to designs in the same way as adding images by using drag and drop or double-clicks.
  • Icons - You can now disable and display icons as a dimmed monochrome version which helps improve the visual indication of their enabled state.
  • Prototype Tab - Adds flexibility for conditional states and removes the need to use an additional parent container element (where a transparent Rectangle was often used).
  • Resize Anchors - These are now turned off by default to avoid visual distraction.
  • Button Tooltips - Text Button elements with preset actions (Accept/Cancel/Close) now display that action as part of the tooltip in the Elements palette.

About Caretta Software

Caretta Software was founded in 2003 with the aim to create tools that enhance the development process and help companies build better software that meets user's needs. The flagship product, GUI Design Studio, has been sold in over 35 countries. It allows developers, user experience designers, business analysts and software professionals to create interactive prototypes and get early feedback without coding. Caretta are continually working to improve their tools and develop new ideas.

Design a user interface without writing code.

GUI Design Studio

User interface designs and instant prototypes without coding.

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