VARCHART JGantt adds new Property Editor

Easily edit all objects within your Gantt charts.
April 03, 2012 - 10:30
Feature Release

VARCHART JGantt is a Java component that allows the integration of Gantt charts within applications. Gantt charts display events, activities and their allocations over time. They are commonly used in project planning, production control and resource management. Data is turned into graphics to offer a clear, concise and detailed view of process flows.

Updates in 3.0

  • Property Editor - Each tab displays the current settings for all properties
  • Support of Mouse Wheel Events - The addMouseWheelListener method allows your application to react to mouse wheel events
  • Access to Hierarchy Elements - The getEntityInHierarchyAtPreorderIndex method allows your application to retrieve entities according to their pre-order
  • New Properties for Separation Line in SynchronizerPanel - SeparationLineColor and SeparationLineWidth are new properties that let you set the color and width of the separation line between two JGantt instances

About NETRONIC Software

NETRONIC Software develops high-performance charting software for visualizing data. The company was founded in 1975 in Aachen, Germany, and was one of the first enterprises to market software components for Gantt, network and tree charts. Versatility, extensive interactivity and easy integration into applications distinguish NETRONIC products. NETRONIC is one of the leading providers of visualization components with customers worldwide.

A Gantt chart created with VARCHART JGantt.


Add interactive Gantt diagrams to your applications, allowing visualization of critical business activities.

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