Stimulsoft Reports 2012.1 adds HTML5 Support

Easily export reports to HTML5.
April 13, 2012 - 9:51
Feature Release

Stimulsoft Reports includes a set of tools to build reports in WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight environments. It includes report designers, which can be run at design and run time. It also includes viewers for displaying reports. You can use the system to export reports in a number of different formats. The following editions are available:

Updates in 2012.1

  • HTML5 - Export to HTML5 from any report viewers
  • New Report Comparison Tool - Compare two reports and show difference in components, data sources, business objects and variables
  • Export Settings in the WebViewer - Install all options before a report is exported to a different format
  • Report Themes - Format the entire report with one click
  • Interactive Sorting in WebViewer - Sort report data by one or more columns
  • ShowHeaders Option in Designer.Web – Show or hide band headers on a report
  • Packed Queries in Silverlight - Decrease the size of report requests by between 10 and 20 times
  • New Range Chart Type - Display the range of some data between its initial and final values
  • Conditions and Filters of Charts in WPF - Visually select the desired items of your chart using specified conditions
  • Silverlight Tab Code - View the source code of a report and add methods and variables to extend its functionality
  • Silverlight Report Engine Supports Text Justifying - Alignment is specified using the HorAlignment property of the text component or using the controls of the reports designer
  • HTML Tags in Silverlight - HTML tags can be used if you change the AllowHtmlTags property of the text component to true
  • Silverlight 5 - Now includes assemblies compiled under Silverlight 5
  • Printing as HTML in Web Preview Tab - All fonts are printed in a vector format which removes large amounts of data and text blurring
  • Supporting Clipboard in Report Checker in Designer.Web - Copy error messages to the clipboard in Designer.Web
  • New Chart Types - Radar and Bubble chart types added to Designer.Web

About Stimulsoft

Stimulsoft specializes in the development of reporting components for the Microsoft.NET Framework. Customer satisfaction is the company's first priority and as such it aims to produce quality software. Stimulsoft helps developers to incorporate advanced technologies into their applications.

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