CodeFluent Entities supports Visual Studio 11 Beta

Automatically create applications from within Visual Studio 11 Beta.
April 19, 2012 - 15:42
Feature Release

CodeFluent Entities is a model-first tool that automatically generates application layers (user interface, services, business tier and database). Define your business model, choose your target platform, generate, add your custom business rules and compile.

Updates in 2012

  • Support for Visual Studio 11 Beta
  • Support for CTRL+A has been added to the Method Editor form
  • Implements and SetImplements rules are now supported at project level by the BOM producer
  • Added Transaction Rule support for methods other then Save and Delete
  • Support has been added to the Visual Studio Integrated modeler for custom aspects compiled in .NET assemblies
  • Enumeration declaration now supports named values
  • Added support for SQL Server 2012
  • Added non Latin character support to CFQL

About SoftFluent

SoftFluent is a privately-owned company that delivers software and development services. Their management team is composed of several Microsoft veterans that have significant experience including personal involvement with more than 600 different customers.

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