IntegralUI TreeListView V4.0 released

New version adds multi-column sorting and Owner Draw events.
July 15, 2013 - 11:27
Feature Release

IntegralUI TreeListView lets you add TreeView and ListView functionality to your applications. You can display your hierarchical structure in more detail by adding fully customizable columns and using HTML tags to arrange your data.

Updates in v4.0

  • Multi-column sorting.
  • Span sub-items in multiple columns.
  • Serialization of a partial set of items, color schemes and themes.
  • Load on Demand option for partially loading data from an XML file, database or memory stream.
  • Owner Draw events for drawing each part of the control.
  • Set column min and max width.
  • Different column permissions including AllowHover, AllowSelect, AllowResize, AllowDrag and AutoSizable.
  • Different node permissions including AllowHover, AllowSelect, AllowExpand and AllowCollapse.
  • Tooltips for columns.
  • Styles can be inherited from parent nodes.

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A themed listview window showing the date picker control.

IntegralUI TreeListView

Add a combination of TreeView and ListView controls to your applications.

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