Mindscape WPF Elements adds Ribbon Control

A smart layout algorithm optimizes the arrangement of items within the available space.
July 15, 2013 - 11:28
Feature Release

Mindscape WPF Elements is a suite of 50+ controls to help developers build next generation applications quickly and easily. It includes advanced charting, a high performance DataGrid, scheduling and User Interface controls. WPF Elements is also available as part of Mindscape Mega Pack

Updates in 6.0

  • Ribbon Control - All main application commands can be exposed in the Ribbon as buttons, ComboBoxes and Galleries. Controls can be categorized in a tree-like structure for easy discoverability. The Ribbon control uses a smart layout algorithm to optimize the arrangement of items within the available space.
  • Axis Arrangement Features - Position chart axes on any side of the chart and reverse the scale.
  • Improved DateTime Axis - Based on the visible range of data, an appropriate date-time interval is selected such as 3 months, 2 days or 6 hours. As the chart zooms, the date-time interval dynamically changes so axis labels are easy to read.
  • Tornado Charts - New feature in existing BarSeries class makes it easy to create tornado charts.
  • Right Aligned Numbers in DataGrid - A common way to display numbers in a table is to have them right aligned within their cells. A new display template option in the DataGrid makes this simple.

About Mindscape

Mindscape is a software development tools company that produces leading edge components for .NET developers. They focus on delivering tools that make developers more productive and aid in creating robust and beautiful applications for their customers.

MaskedTextBox, CurrencyTextBox and DateTimerPicker controls in Mindscape WPF Elements.

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