activePDF Portal 2014 R2.0

Includes bug fixes.
January 28, 2016 - 0:00
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  • ID# 4095
    Description: CID fonts (including MS Mincho) are were fully supported. Issues included:
    - Text may have appeared garbled, or appeared as a series of question marks (?????), especially when form filling or when printing from Portal to a physical printer.
    - When creating a new form field, or when editing the properties of an existing form field to include double-byte characters in the form-field name, the double-byte characters were converted to question marks (?????) when the file was saved.
    Resolution: These issues were resolved with updates to the code base. CJK/CID fonts are supported for form fields with exception of list box Bug 13375 (see the Known Bug table.)
  • ID# 10352
    Description: When FlattenForm is called, all radio buttons were displayed as selected, instead of only one.
    Resolution: This issue was resolved with updates to to code base.
  • ID# 12672
    Description: Chrome: When jQuery was used to populate form fields: setProperties({"value":}); the resulting form-fields contained overlapping data when viewed using Chrome.
    Resolution: This issue was resolved by changes to the edit-mode API.
  • ID# 12764
    Description: Internet Explorer 8: When all menus were set to hidden, calling the addEventListener method failed.
    Resolution: The code now checks the visibility settings for menus, and the issue is resolved.
  • ID# 12821
    Description: When the SaveComplete event handler was called, the process failed and a PDF was not created.
    Resolution: An error in the code was corrected, which resolved the issue.
  • ID# 13163
    Description: When the HideTopBar property was set to true, and the Height property set to 100%, the output displayed condensed text that was unreadable.
    Resolution: Updates to the code resolved this issue.
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