SemanticMerge 2.0

Redesigned user interface is more intuitive and easier to use.
July 27, 2016 - 14:18
New Version


  • Redesigned user interface that makes it more suitable for a wider range of scenarios, not just semantic merges.
  • Uses a new 4-panel pattern used by most merge tools, which results in a much cleaner and clearer interface.
  • The 3 panels on the first row represent, the "source contributors" the "base" and the "destination" whilst the panel on the bottom contains the "result".
  • Code is decorated with "change" icons making it easy to see code that has changed, moved, been deleted or added.
  • Now includes all supported languages (C#/VB.NET, Java, C), you no longer need to buy them separately.
Improved UI for SemanticMerge.


The diff and merge tool that understands your code.

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