PSSharper now offers auto-fixes for syntax errors.
September 12, 2016 - 11:53
New Version


  • PSSharper now starts to offer auto-fixes for syntax errors.
  • Added new keyboard shortcut ALT+ENTER: when there is exactly one default PSSharper fix available for the current caret position, the fix is applied. Else, the PSSharper context menu opens so that you can select the fix or refactoring manually.
  • When a string is missing its terminating delimiter, and the string is in the middle of other code, the PowerShell parser reports syntax errors that are caused by this, and misses the real cause. Fixed. ISESteroids correctly identifies the offending string and marks it.


  • When a digital signature matched the content but the signer was untrusted on the system, the tooltip showed a confusing message. Fixed.
  • The PSSharper function “Turn anonymous scriptblock into function” has issues when the where-object/foreach-object statement contained code with multiple lines. Fixed.
  • When a cmdlet call contained switch parameters, and there was a direct assignment to the switch parameter – such as -recurse:$false – then PSSharper reported missing named parameters. Fixed.
  • This was annoying: PSSharper opened the addon pane when an issue in the code was clicked. Fixed. PSSharper will no longer open the addon panel on issue click. It will only open it when a button on the PSSharper bar was clicked.
  • When PSSharper adds an error handler, and the offending command is part of a larger logical structure, like an assignment, the error handler was placed in the middle of this structure. Fixed.
  • When opening Advanced Search (Edit / Advanced Search), and the addon area was previously manually closed, the addon was not visible. Fixed.


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