RVMedia 5.0.1

Adds new motion detection mechanism, plus support for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin.
October 19, 2016 - 12:23
New Version


  • Media server (TRVMediaServer) allows named and password-protected groups.
  • TRVCamMicrophone allows choosing a microphone (or another audio input device) as a source.
  • RVMedia's motion detection mechanism is available as TRVMotionDetector class.
  • RVMedia supports newer H.264 Foscam cameras (administration and movement control).
  • RVMedia supports FFmpeg 3.
  • RVMedia can decode different formats of video from local web cameras (YV12, YUYV, YUY2, YVYU, UYVY, NV12, etc.), even if the corresponding decoder is not installed in Windows/Linux.
  • RVMedia supports Delphi and C++Builder 10.1 Berlin.
RVMedia motion detection mechanism.


Components for working with local webcams and IP-cameras, for transferring video via the IP network, for organizing video chats.

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