FramePro 1.3.2

Profile real-time C++ applications.
April 12, 2017 - 15:13
New Product


  • Very low overhead, allowing you to enable it without affecting performance. This is essential for profiling of real-time applications.
  • Collects huge amounts of data and can cope with very long profiles with ease. For real-time applications a stable frame-rate is essential.
  • Records the duration of each frame and graphs frames over time allowing you to easily spot frame spikes.
  • The instrumentation for FramePro is manual, meaning that you have complete control over what is being measured.
  • Timing data is measured using a selection of macros which you insert into your code. This keeps the overhead to a minimum and allows you to track exactly what you want.
  • Tracks context switches at a system level. This allows you to see when a thread is interrupted, what interrupted it and why. Being able to see what is running on any thread at a given time is essential in order to optimize a multi-threaded system.


Profile real-time C++ applications.

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