ReportMax v3.6.4

.NET Reporting for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010-2017.
April 19, 2017 - 16:04
New Version

ReportMax enables Microsoft .NET developers to design and integrate reporting capabilities in their applications. ReportMax is a Visual Studio Package for creating light-weight reports for Microsoft.NET WinForms and Webforms ( applications). It integrates seamlessly within Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and all versions up to Visual Studio 2017 - including the Express versions. ReportMax runs with minimal overhead, yet is rich in features with export capabilities to PDF, Excel and CSV formats.


  • Integrated or standalone designer.
  • Royalty free viewer controls.
  • International support, can work with virtually any language in the world.
  • Easy to use with a familiar and easy design.
  • Connect to standard or custom data sources.
ReportMax Designer.


Light-weight reporting control for Microsoft.NET WinForms and WebForms developers.

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