CADEditorX 11

Improves AutoCAD DWG import/export, plus ability to measure 3D models in STEP, IGES, SAT and BREP files.
May 05, 2017 - 11:56
New Version


  • Measuring of STP and IGES files.
  • Export to DWG with RGB colors.
  • Loading of custom line types.
  • Support of Big SHX Fonts (for Asian characters).
  • New Align tool.
  • New Pan tool.
  • The OnMeasure event that outputs measuring results as XML is added.
  • The Getcadcoords instruction that converts screen coordinates into the drawing coordinates is added.
  • Parameters for the Comparefiles command added.
  • New system variables added:
    • GetCommandStatus returns the on/off command status as XML.
    • POLARANG sets the angle interval for polar tracking.
    • ExportJPEGQuality and ExportJPEGSmoothing set quality and smoothing during export to JPG.
  • New commands added:
    • ZoomAtPoint is used to scale the current file and allows setting the scrolling distance per mouse wheel scroll.
    • ShowScrollbar hides the scroll bars.
    • MovePicture offsets the drawing at the distance specified in screen coordinates.
    • SetWindowState sets the drawing window display order.
    • UnionEdges checks whether the outline is closed; if there is a break, it draws an interconnecting line.
    • HideAllInterface hides all interface elements.
    • ConvertToPolyline transforms objects into a 2D polyline.
  • The capability of setting the background color via XML API with the BackgroundColor command is added.
  • EMF export to DWG and DXF improved.
  • Batch Print greatly improved.
  • The setting that saves each layout of a multipage file into a separate file in Batch is added.
  • Windows 8 and Windows 10 support improved.


  • The dynamic input while switching tasks in MFC fixed.
  • The XML output information of the TsgDXFStyle object fixed.
3D measuring in CADEditorX.


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