FramePro 1.4.6

Adds Session Scroll Bar and Conditional Parent Scopes.
June 06, 2017 - 16:20
New Version


  • Session Scroll Bar - Shows summary of frames for entire session with scroll bar for currently selected visible range.
  • Events - Game events. Events can be triggered at any time and show up on the thread and core views as well as the session scroll bar.
  • WaitEvents - Thread events, such as mutex's and critical sections. Events are shown in the core view and show when a thread starts waiting on an event, when it stops, and what thread triggered the event to stop waiting.
  • Conditional Parent Scopes - Pass in a callback to the scope so that it's child scopes are only sent on a specific condition (eg frame rate is low)
  • HiRes Timer Scope and HiRes Capture Scope - HiRes scopes are shown in the thread view without heirachy, as a % of the parent scope.
  • Log - Send log messages from your game and view them in the log window. Jump from a log message to a frame in the threads view.
  • Optimised core graph drawing.
  • Optimized drawing of thread time span graph.
  • Added output window for FramePro messages.
  • Made PacketAllocator thread safe when there are multiple sessions.
  • Identifier in save files and recording file headers so that FramePro doesn't have to rely on file extensions to tell them apart.
  • Made registration work with emails with special characters.
  • Optimised packet processing.
  • Optimised graph drawing when connected.
  • Colour the session time range to show where session starts/ends.


  • Fixed bugs in changing from per frame to per time in Frame Stats View.
  • Fixed exception zooming out too far in Frame Stats View.
  • Cleanup session and show the connection settings dialog if the connection failed.
  • Crash bug if connecting in new session while old session still processing data.
  • Remember height of core graph in threads view.
  • Context switches visible by default.
  • Fixed thread order when reading recording files.
  • Fixed bug where it sometimes wouldn't show all of the core lines.
  • If no session name is supplied use the process name sort timers by when when outputting to csv.
  • Fixed buffering stat.
  • Fixed occasional crash/hang shutting down FrameProLib.
  • Renamed HiRes timers to global HiResTimers.
  • Added a maximum file size setting for a recording. Recording stops when the file reaches the specified size.
  • Block new connections while recording to file.
  • Fixed graph not refreshing if TrackEnd disabled.
  • Fixed threads sometimes not re-ordering correctly.
  • Added FRAMEPRO_BLOCK_SOCKETS() macro for added security.
  • Frame graphs now use max rather than average to auto-set Y axis scale
  • Reset zoom button in Frame Stats View
  • Fixed exception drawing line graph at some zoom levels.
  • Optimised graph drawing when zoomed out.
  • Reading a corrupt file now shows an error box
  • Fixed bug with session stats not showing correctly after loading a save.
  • Fixed stat graph hover box.
  • Exporting of Frame Stats to Excel.
  • Added Frame Stat Min Value and Min Count columns.
  • Mouse drag y-origin in graphs.
  • Support for negative values in graphs.
  • Fixed compile warnings in FrameProLib for x86.
  • Fixed delay when reconnecting.
  • Fixed bug where the last context switch for a thread would sometimes not show when scrolling the core view.
  • Fixed pixel aliasing problem in thread and core graphs when dragging selection in frame graph.
  • Fixed show context switch check box. Would sometimes show incorrect value.
  • Shift+left/right to move to prev/next frame without changing zoom.
  • Hide hover boxes while scrolling core graph.
  • Escape key now closes connection settings dialog.
  • Clamped core and thread graphs to 0 when scrolling.
  • Clicking in core graph not on a scope clears the currently selected scope.
  • Show "processing data %" message on frames graph.
  • Don't allow saving until processing data is complete.
  • Changed from .net 4.6 to 4.5.2 to match the version installed by the installer.
  • Remember height of line graph windows.
  • Fixed filter in Frame Stats View.
  • Fixed bugs with graps not updating correctly in Frame Stats View.
  • Changed Buffering stat to show percent complete when reading recording file.


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