OzCode v3.1

Includes improved LINQ debugging, support for IQueryables, and enhanced tools to visualize each LINQ query.
June 19, 2017 - 7:37
New Version


  • An enhanced LINQ Debugging experience which allows users to drill into any part of their LINQ queries.
  • LINQ Analysis window which allows users to visualize how different items pass through the LINQ pipeline.
  • New “Pin” functionality allows the user to select any sub-segment of their LINQ query and see the aggregate transformations within that portion of the query.
  • Debugging IQueryables (LINQ to Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL, etc) to instantly understand bugs within DB queries.
  • “Export” which allows users to capture information from a debugging session and instantly insert it into a unit test.
  • “Compare” and “Save Snapshot” allows users to capture object data and then compare an object’s state to its previous states.
  • Enhanced C# 7 support, with visualizations of tuple deconstruction, pattern matching, inline out variables, and more.


  • Drastically improved performance of the Heads Up Display.
LINQ debugging with any kind of IQueryable collection.

Ozcode Visual Studio Extension - Team Edition

A visual debugging add-in for Visual Studio and C#.

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