Improves semantic diffs navigation, clicking on a method will automatically focus on its first difference.
July 17, 2017 - 13:59
New Version


  • The semantic diffs navigation has been improved. Clicking on a method (or any other declaration) in the 'semantic outline' panel will automatically focus on its first difference. Also, the highlighting of the selected semantic difference has been improved, making clearer which word/lines have changed indeed.
  • The 'Parsing errors found' dialog is no longer shown at startup. If SemanticMerge detects parsing errors, a warning panel will be shown at the top of the tool. It will include a button to show a dialog detailing the errors that were found.
  • A new --nostructurewarn CLI argument was added to skip the structure errors dialog on startup and directly launch the associated text-based tool. This can be also applied as a persistent setting in the configuration window, "general" tab.


  • Delete/add of C++ 'include' statements was interpreted as a move/rename.
  • The 2-way merge button was not launching the configured external tool.
  • Typing paths enclosed within quotation marks in any of the textboxes of the "external tools" preferences tab caused the "ok" button to do nothing on click. Now, these quotation marks will be stripped when the "ok" button is clicked and the form validation will continue as expected.
  • Typos on the help text have been corrected. A description of what a "declaration" actually is has been added.
  • The C++ 'include' statement texts were being drawn outside its visual diff/merge containers. The text size has been reduced in that view, too.
  • The contributor contents (source, base, destination) weren't updated after a "recalculate merge" operation.


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