Apptimized 5.7

Latest maintenance release includes several bug fixes.
August 02, 2017 - 15:06
New Version


  • MSI Editors: Registry experience and others.
  • During creation Package for Oracle, we do not have any MSI Assemblies.
  • Packaging: Testing Tab, "Temporary Favourites" error.
  • VM session "Finish" Button colorgreen/red.
  • APE: Advanced MSI editor -unhandled exception MST save and exit.
  • Not possible enter text in MS Notepad in AT vm, if using MS Edge or IE.
  • SaveMSI locally error.
  • APE fails - SAP.
  • Timeline: SDC links not historical.
  • Apptimized fails during creating 2 files in x64 folders.
  • Process stuck if no package.
  • Missing files in MSI.
  • Transform MSI -can not install msi.
  • MSI Transform fails.
  • APE fails -Wolfram Mathematica10.
  • Factory Packaging: Progress Bar for SLA gone.
  • Detected MSI installations listbox-horizontal scroll bar appears only when the list is scrolled (vertically) to it's end.
  • In the "REVIEW RECORDED CONTENT" dialog, focus is not moved on the "right button click", so actual action, selected from context menu, is performed on the focused item instead of the item where "right click" occured-major usability issue.
  • Review locked files shows inadequate info and is not refreshed when the locking processes are closed. Should have the same design as "Shortcuts"\"Registry ACL"\"Filesystem ACL" tabs, as provides the similar kind of info.
  • Search filter on the "Filesystem" and "Registry" tabs.
  • APE: App-V sequencing produced bad meta data for SCCM.
  • Disabled buttons during second start.
  • APE fails -Xvid-1.3.4-20150621.
  • APE fails - Oracle APPY-171.
  • Shortcut table - wrong target.
  • Review Recorded content fails -list of files.
  • Factory Packaging Screen behaviour.
  • Factory Packaging: option to upgrade to "Urgent" before submission.
  • Notification emails, CC to a specific address upon tag.
  • Notification emails, add comment content.
  • Training Data for Machine Learning.
  • ApptimizedPackaging Backend: make helper apps available.
  • Update Monitoring: metering.
  • When in factory, provide SDC key in application.
  • Extend MSI post-configuration to support more things.
  • Change status to Ready for packaging.
  • Add property -SecureCustomProperties.
  • APE - registry sorting.
  • Current user - files and components.
  • Environment variable - separator.
  • Add path to exclusion list.
  • New field in Review Recorded Content.
  • Hide per user certificates.
  • Parameters field in APE.
  • APE recording button and Colors.
  • Azure AD login & signup into Apptimized.NET.
  • Improve Google Analytics reporting for APE.
  • Find SAAS billing solution for Apptimized.
  • Possibility to add resources on the "Filesystem" and "Registry" tabs.Import\export from\to .regfile.
  • Package formats should be deselected by default, so package type\types is selected explicitly.
  • Add a list of predefined languages to the "language" input on the product info dialog.
  • Split "Filesystem" and "Registry" tabs to columns, having included items on the left side and excluded ones on the right. Search criteria is applied to the active tab.
  • APE for install on external packaging machines.
  • Locked files - remove apply button.


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