MyGet 2017.1

Adds new MyGet Credential Provider for Visual Studio 2017.
August 02, 2017 - 8:58
New Version


  • New MyGet Credential Provider for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. This extension allows you to authenticate against your MyGet feeds using OAuth. You can install it from the Visual Studio Gallery.
  • Added Maven support.
  • New MyGet SemVer Explorer web utility to help you learn and adopt Semantic Versioning.
  • Check for potential package vulnerabilities on your MyGet feeds.


  • Support for token authentication.
  • Support for upstream token authentication, which now also supports Telerik's NPM registry as an upstream package source.
  • Support for the fast search endpoint.
  • Support for package deprecation.
  • Support for package tagging.
  • Support for dist-tag.


  • Support for NuGet's SemVer2 protocol, and added support for modifying build metadata on push upstream dialog.


  • Support for Maven artifacts.
  • Support for Android AAR artifacts.


  • Added a toggle to support pushing symbols upstream as well.
  • When the upstream target feed is a MyGet feed, we automatically also push the symbols upstream.


  • No longer show symbols packages separately on the Gallery's feed details view.
  • Minor modifications to the Gallery feed details UI to improve the user experience.
  • Added a download all button to the packages dropdown in build results view.
  • Hide pre-authenticated feed endpoints from Feed Details view when the feed is not a private feed.
  • Added a copy-to-clipboard button to the connection details popup on Gallery feeds.


  • Consolidated the login page.
  • No longer displays access tokens.
  • Improved auditing.
  • Added support for feed and privilege scopes to access tokens / api keys.


  • integration has been retired in favor of MyGet's own Symbols functionality.
  • Added integration to detect package vulnerabilities and report them on your feed details view.

MyGet Enterprise

  • The Gallery index is now the default landing page when authenticated on MyGet Enterprise.
  • Added support for marking users as external to the tenant. This prevents the external user from accessing Enterprise feeds, unless privileges are explicitly assigned at the feed level.

MyGet Build Services

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2017, .NET Core and the new PackageReference project format.
  • AssemblyInfo patching now supports globing patterns (like **\**.cs).


  • MyGet has been upgraded to run on .NET Framework 4.6.2, which seemed to have positive effect on performance.
  • Overwriting source symbols is now blocked when forbid overwrite is enabled on the feed.
  • Fixed a bug in semantic version range parsing of npm dependencies (tilde and carret ranges).
  • Show quota per feed on user profile page (helps answer the question: 'which of my feeds consumes most?').
  • Fixed an issue caused by breaking changes in VSTS API (repository remoteUrl returned by VSTS API no longer contained VSTS collection name).
  • Fixed an issue in the Gallery index view related to feed icons.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an HTTP 500 when a nuspec contained some invalid data.
  • Fixed an issue that caused NPM push upstream to fail when no package description was given.
  • Fixed an issue with the symbols code browser when a file was not found or could not be displayed.
  • NuGet: allow packages.config files to be uploaded without version number specified.
Check for potential package vulnerabilities on your MyGet feeds.


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