Help & Manual Basic 7.3.4

Hotspot editor now supports a zoom function.
January 12, 2018 - 14:40
New Version


  • Insert Image Hotspots - The hotspot editor now supports a zoom function to make it easier to work on hotspots on high-resolution monitors.
  • PDF/Print Manuals - The manual template designer has an extra option for keyword index separators. Keyword sections can be created automatically from the actual keyword index. This improves the compatibility of PDF templates with projects in multiple languages.
  • Conditional Text - The Insert Condition dialog box now remembers the last option used.
  • Topic Editor - Optical glitch removed when zoom was > 150%.
  • Project Report - Moving unused images to a backup folder did not work if the folder path contained an ampersand character.
  • Publishing Windows eBooks - Check whether an output file can be replaced/overwritten. Publishing an eBook could have triggered an error, if the target file was opened before the publishing task completed.
Help & Manual Basic

Help & Manual Basic

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