IWCGjQuery Suite

Improves Wizard, WebCam, Charts and Print components.
March 12, 2018 - 16:22
New Version


  • IWCGJQPayPalCart
    • Added new HiddenOnLoad property which hides cart summary on render/load, even when there are products in the cart.
    • Added RenderAsync protection.
    • Added missing minimized file.
  • IWCGJQPlotCharts
    • Added new BezierCurveRendererOptions property.
  • IWCGJQRadioGroupEx, IWCGJQCheckBox, IWCGJQRadioEx
    • Added support for changing CSS properties via Ajax.
  • IWCGJQPrint
    • Updated JQuery plugin to 1.5.1.
    • Added new properties Timeout, Title and DocType.
  • IWCGJQWizard
    • Improved the wizard layout.
  • IWCGJQWebCam
    • Updated JQuery plugin to 1.0.23.
  • IWCGJQWebCodeCam
    • Updated JQuery plugin to 2.7.0.
    • Added support for lists available media devices.
    • Added the ability to set default media device source.


  • IWCGJSGoogleMapsClasses
    • Fixed issues with google map constant names.
  • IWCGJQDatePicker
    • Fixed problem interpreting date formats including short or long months.
  • IWCGJQDialog
    • Fixed rendering of left and top properties.
  • IWCGJQEdit
    • Fixed height and width issue on OnResize event.
    • Fixed zoom level 100%.
  • IWCGJQWizard
    • Fixed height issue on active tab/step
    • Fixed/Added render of icon property and support for Ajax updating.
  • IWCGJQGrid
    • Fixed buy where the OnSearch event is not triggered when query is cleared.
IWCGjQuery Suite

IWCGjQuery Suite

Intraweb components based on jQuery for use in Embarcadero RAD Studio.

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