XML ValidatorBuddy 6.3.5

Adds full Integration of schemastore.org JSON schema library.
March 23, 2018 - 15:32
New Version


  • JSON Schema analyzer - A built-in JSON schema analyzer assists you while editing your JSON schema documents. The analyzer reports semantic issues like unresolved references, unused definitions, unknown types and much more.
  • Generate sample data from JSON schema - Live generation of JSON sample data on working with JSON schema files. Create a JSON instance document from schema.
  • Full Integration of schemastore.org JSON schema library - JSON schemas from schemastore.org are assigned automatically for entry-helpers (Intellisense) and validation. Any schema can be loaded from schemastoer.org as editor document.
  • Improved JSON to CSV conversion
    • Increased performance and usability
    • Progress feedback
    • Better conversion of JSON array items.
  • Support for high-dpi displays
  • Find/replace operations for large files - Big performance increase. Scan 1 Million lines in less than 5 seconds.
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