TRichView v17.3

Adds support for all Unicode (UTF-32) characters, plus redesigned symbol insertion dialog.
May 14, 2018 - 15:28
New Version


  • Support for all Unicode (UTF-32) characters is added.
  • All strings are converted to Unicode, for all versions of Delphi.
  • The symbol insertion dialog box is redesigned.
  • Read merge fields from RTF (Rich Text Format) files.
  • Read graphics from RVF (RichView Format) files.
  • Optimized operations, including: editing text near tables, displaying text boxes, footnotes, endnotes and sidenotes and spell check.
  • Drawing images of pages on the specified canvas.
  • Printing pages in reverse order, printing only odd or only even pages.
  • Option to use colors of VCL themes in editors.
  • New user interface language: Japanese.
  • Improvements related to headers and footers.
  • Cursors for high pixel density screens.
  • Option to create better page previews in ScaleRichView.
  • Support for RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo.
  • New objects in documents: mathematical formulas, display expressions containing functions, fractions, radicals, mathematical operators, matrices, etc.
    (This object uses the open source Adit Math Engine (by Adit software), distributed exclusively with TRichView components.)
  • Font preview in combo boxes.
  • Image activation/deactivation uses less memory and resources.
  • Special text properties allows implementing fields.
  • Integration of RichViewXML and HTML importers in RichViewActions.
  • Updated translations of user interface for RichViewActions and Report Workshop.
Redesigned symbol insertion dialog in TRichView.


Rich text editing VCL with support for tables, images and hyperlinks.

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