ActivePDF Toolkit 8.1.4

Includes new return codes to better handle password protected files.
January 15, 2019 - 15:37
New Version


  • Includes a new return code if a file is password protected and cannot be opened. The OpenInputFile method now returns error code -2 for an invalid user password, and error code -3 for an invalid owner password.
  • Includes two new methods: RotateField and DeleteFormFieldByID.


  • 19263 - Using Toolkit’s CharSpacing or WordSpacing property does not properly right-justify the line with the SetHeaderMultilineText method.
  • 19313 - TK cannot print JPEG using memory from ImageByteStream.
  • 19343 - PrintJPEG does not work if using specified page number.
  • 19370 - Append Mode invalidates digital signature.
  • 19041 - Toolkit running significantly slower compared to older versions.
  • 19243 - PrintMultilineText not working with its default "PageNr" parameter.
  • 19428 - System.AccessViolationException when merging more than 100 documents.
  • 19489 - Form field value does not display with double backslash \\.
  • 19558 - Arabic words do not display correctly.
  • 19562 - Fields are removed when doing FlattenRemainingFormFields and then Merge.
  • 19563 - Read-only form fields are editable when using the ReadOnlyOnMerge property.
  • 19569 - Calling the NewPage method clears the previous SetOutputRotation values.
ActivePDF Toolkit

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