Structure101 Studio V5.0 b14354

Improves pattern matching performance.
February 06, 2019 - 17:03
New Version


General changes

  • Performance improvements around pattern matching.
  • JxBrowser upgraded to 6.22.2 for important fixes.
  • Proxy password from system settings now obfuscated in build log.

Java-specific changes

  • Ability to in/exclude test source folders in IDEA now available.
  • Added click home text to sorting finished message.


General changes

  • Auto-levelize was creating design tangle.
  • Removed border around summary export.
  • Welcome screen was broken when Workspace also running.
  • MacOS tabs should have focus turned off after selection.

Java-specific changes

  • Maven with SonarQube configuration was inconsistent with Gradle and Headless.
  • Repository list is now persisted properly using preferences.
  • Actions tooltip fixed.
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Structure101 Studio

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