Active Query Builder for ActiveX v1.29.3

Adds support for SAP Hana SQL syntax and Pervasive SQL syntax.
February 07, 2019 - 10:48
New Version


  • Initial support of SAP Hana SQL syntax has been added.
  • Initial support of Pervasive SQL syntax has been added.
  • MySQL: Support for Common Table Expressions for MySql v8+ has been added.
  • Now it's possible to add and remove rows in the Query Columns List using the Alt+Insert and Alt+Delete keyboard shortcuts, move them up and down using the Alt+[Arrow Up/Down] keys.
  • Parsing of incorrect/incomplete "IN" expressions in condition cells of the Query Columns List has been improved.
  • The new properties have been added to the ActiveQueryBuilderX object to hide the controls for managing subqueries: SubQueryTabsVisible, UnionNavBarVisible.
  • The behavior of LinkOptions.CreateLinksByIdenticalFieldNames property has been changed. Links are created only if one of the fields is a part of the primary key.


  • Turning off grouping in the query via the global Grouping checkbox in the header of Query Columns List may lead to inconsistent queries. Fixed now.
  • PostgreSQL: Parsing ambiguities for INTERVAL and AT TIME ZONE clauses have been fixed.
Active Query Builder for ActiveX

Active Query Builder for ActiveX

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