jSparrow v3.2.0

Supports Java 11 & Java 8, plus adds a new rule for collapsing 'if' statements to improve readability of code.
February 28, 2019 - 16:47
New Version


  • Fit for Java 11
    • Since the official End of Life of Java 8 has been reached, jSparrow is updated to be able to run on Java 11 as well as Java 8.
  • New Rule
    • Adds a new rule for collapsing 'if' statements. The motivation behind this rule is to improve the readability of code by reducing the number of nested language constructs.
  • Direct Link to Rule Documentation
    • The “Select Rules” wizard adds a link to each rule description which leads directly to a detailed documentation of that rule on the jSparrow website.
Direct Link to Rule Documentation added to jSparrow.


Automatic Java Refactoring

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