jSparrow Maven Plugin v2.0.1

Adds new refactoring rules, support for Java 11, plus usability and performance improvements.
April 09, 2019 - 10:45
New Version


  • New Ruleset - This release contains 55 automatic refactoring rules:
    • All rules of the jSparrow Eclipse plugin 3.3.0 are included in this release, except for the Organize Imports rule.
    • The previously excluded rules System Out To Logging and Rename Fields have now been added.
  • Performance Improvements
    • By using an improved dependency mechanism the start time of the jSparrow Maven plugin has been improved significantly.
  • Java 11 Support
    • The jSparrow Maven plugin can now be executed with a Maven version using Java 11.
  • Usability and General Improvements
    • A help mojo has been added.
    • The YAML parsing has been improved in regards to functionality and user feedback (e.g., warnings for non-existing packages or classes).
    • Error messages have been improved.
  • Source and Module Discovery - The Maven module handling has been improved.
    • Maven modules defined in profiles can now be located.
    • Non-default source folders can now be used (e.g., folders not following the src/main/java schema).
    • Supported packaging types are now jar and war.
  • Adds proxy support for the jSparrow Maven plugin allowing you to configure your proxy to reach the endpoint for jSparrow's licensing service.


Automatic Java Refactoring

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