CData SSIS Component Subscription Vol. 1 2019

Adds new Lookup components and Execute tasks.
April 23, 2019 - 11:09
New Version


  • Lookup Components - The SSIS Lookup components allow users to execute a lookup against any data source to map the matched and unmatched rows to different outputs in a Data Flow task, dramatically simplifying data flows. Multiple caching options are available to allow performance tuning based on use case.
  • Execute Tasks - Execute stored procedures and SQL queries at the Control Flow level. Stored procedures and DDL statements are convenient for performing operations that don't fit in a data flow (downloading files, sending emails, etc.) or preparing the database before the data flow begins (such as truncating the table data). The Execute tasks provide easy-to-use components for these functions.
  • Source Specific Updates
    • Couchbase - Up to 20x performance over other connectivity options. Broader support for N1QL and SQL++ and improved metadata handling
    • Azure Cosmos DB - Superior performance and comprehensive platform coverage.
    • LinkedIn - Enhanced support for LinkedIn Ads integration and extensive company page data access.
    • JIRA - New support for Projects and Filters.
    • Salesforce Einstein Analytics - Upsert, Delete, BulkUpsert, BulkDelete now supported.
    • Google BigQuery - Support for custom schema definitions.
    • Snowflake - Asynchronous query support.
  • New Drivers & Releases
    • Act-On
    • Actumatica
    • Amazon Marketplace
    • BlackBaud FE NXT
    • Couchbase
    • DataRobot
    • Dropbox
    • Instagram
    • MariaDB
    • Odoo
    • SFTP 
    • Pervasive (Btrieve) *
    • Evernote *
    • FedEx *
    • Greenplum *
    • Google Spanner *
    • IBM Cloud SQL Query *
    • Oracle Database *
    • SAP Sybase *
    • Snowflake *
    • Teradata *
    • Veeva Vault *

* Public Beta

CData SSIS Component Subscription

CData SSIS Component Subscription

Provide SSIS Workflows with access to applications, databases, and Web APIs in minutes through SQL Server Integration Services.

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