ActivePDF DocConverter v10.2.0

Adds support for converting ZUGFeRD documents to PDF.
May 16, 2019 - 16:29
New Version


  • Updated installer: The DocConverter installer includes the following enhancements:
    • Fewer screens and an option for an auto created DocConverter Service account.
    • There are now two options for installing DocConverter: Express and Custom.
      • Express: The quickest way to start converting documents.
      • Custom: Customize your installation by selecting the converter(s) to use.
  • Infrastructure upgrades: Error messages are more detailed, and new upgrades enhance DocConverter performance.
  • Support for converting ZUGFeRD documents to PDF: DocConverter supports converting pre-processed ZUGFeRD documents to PDF/A3. The ZUGFeRD standard combines a PDF and an embedded XML file into one document, for better invoice handling and digital archiving. The combination provides flexibility for handling invoices, either through automated processes (where machines pull data from the XML file) or manually (in a human-readable PDF).

Note: DocConverter does not create ZUGFeRD-compliant documents; it takes ZUGFeRD documents that were already processed and converts them to PDF/A3 files. Follow the ZUGFeRD standard to pre-process the documents before using DocConverter.


  • 16926 - During a heavy load, OverwriteMethod appends the wrong output.
  • 18278 - During heavy load, OverwriteMethod appends to the wrong output.
  • 18549 - DocConverter times out after 30 minutes, if the conversion time out is more than 30 minutes. This issue is specific to Microsoft Word.
  • 19321 - Transform software fails to parse PDF, and crashes.
  • 19638 - Output results are different when using Extract and Merge Attachments in the watch folder versus .NET.
  • 19669 - V12 WordToPDF does not retain custom fonts.
  • 19685 - PDFToText does not extract white text.
  • 19689 - Error message concerning C++2015 during the installation.
  • 19744 - TIFF to PDF outputs large file size.
  • 19830 - ConversionResult.Paths does not populate compared to DocConverter 2015 R2.
ActivePDF DocConverter

ActivePDF DocConverter

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