GrapeCity Documents for Excel, Java Edition 2 Service Pack 2

Render Excel ranges inside a PDF.
June 13, 2019 - 8:59
New Version


  • Export spreadsheets with shapes to PDF: Insert arrows, lines, pictures, general shapes and Microsoft Excel in-built shapes.
  • Control pagination and spreadsheet content export to PDF: Control printing specific Excel portions to PDF documents:
    • Render Excel ranges Inside a PDF
    • Print specific pages of Excel to PDF
    • Group customized data range while exporting to PDF
    • Print multiple worksheets to one page in PDF
    • Manage headers on different pages
  • Export different Excel workbooks into one PDF: Export or save different Excel workbooks into a single PDF file with the PrintManagerclass.
  • Repeat rows at bottom and columns at right in PDF: Repeat designated information on every page while printing.
  • Export formatted pivot tables, style, and field number Format: Distinguish information separately.
  • Customize row/column/value Delimited (.csv files): Supports importing and exporting .csv files with any row/cell/column delimiters.
  • Support for paste options: Includes various PasteType options with multiple copy/paste content scenarios.
  • Control adjusting page breaks: Control whether to adjust page breaks on row/column insertion/deletion using FixedPageBreaks.
  • Copy and Move Worksheet: GcExcel API will help to copy and move worksheets programmatically.
  • Cut and copy range between workbooks: Easy to cut./copy selective data in any range and re-use in other workbooks.
  • Find and replace text: Increased options to perform Find, Replace, Search and Replace options.
  • Support for formula/array R1C1 in cell range: Reference R1C1 style formulas for any cell range.
  • Support shrink to fit for wrapped text: Shrink text within a cell even when the text is wrapped when exporting to PDF.
  • Support more import flags for XlsxOpenOptions: Support importing maximum features while reading spreadsheets:
    • Table
    • MergeArea
    • Style
    • ConditionalFormatting
    • DataValidation
    • PivotTable
    • Shapes
  • Support auto fit/row height/column width API: Automatically determines column width “AutoFit()’ method.
  • Preserve OLEObjects: Load, modify and save Excel spreadsheets with OLEOObjects.
  • Preserve Japanese Ruby Characters.
Render Excel ranges inside a PDF

GrapeCity Documents for Excel, Java Edition

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