Active Query Builder for Delphi v1.29.8

Improves suggestion window behavior, plus MySQL analytic functions added to suggestion list.
July 11, 2019 - 8:25
New Version


  • SQL Text Editor: The new TextEditorOptions.ReadOnly property has been added.
  • SQL Text Editor: The suggestion window behavior has been improved.
  • SQL Text Editor: MySQL analytic functions are added to the suggestion list.
  • SQL Text Editor: The events for drag'n'drop have been added; support for OLE text drag'n'drop has been made.
  • SQL Text Editor: Mouse is captured on selection now.
  • SQL Text Editor: New events are added to customize lists of keywords and builtin functions: OnCustomizeKeywords and OnCustomizeFunctions.
  • TreeOptions: CTEsNodeText and SubQueriesNodeText props are writable now.


  • SQL Text Editor: Typing of colon-prefixed parameters has been fixed.
  • SQL Text Editor: Slowness in displaying the suggestion list in the case of a large database schema has been eliminated.
  • DevExpress: UnionNavBar auto sizing has been fixed.
  • Dot-prefixing objects with an empty schema for servers without database namespace support has been fixed.
  • QueryTransformer: The assignment of random column aliases for transformed queries in the Trial version has been fixed.
Active Query Builder for Delphi

Active Query Builder for Delphi

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