OpenSSL Library for .NET v1.3.4.11

Includes new sign/verify ECDSA methods, plus additional OpenSSL digest commands.
July 11, 2019 - 10:37
New Version


  • New in Namespace DidiSoft.OpenSsl
    • OpenSslDigest.SignFiles - creates a digital signature for a file (like openssl dgst -sign)
    • OpenSslDigest.VerifyFile - verifies a digital signature for a file (openssl dgst -verify)
    • OpenSslDigest.VerifyBytes - verifies a digital signature for a byte array (openssl dgst -verify)
    • OpenSslDigest.VerifyStream - verifies a digital signature for a Stream (openssl dgst -verify)
    • OpenSslDigest.SignString renamed to OpenSslDigest.SignStringRaw
    • OpenSslDigest.SignStringHex renamed to OpenSslDigest.SignString
  • New in Namespace DidiSoft.OpenSsl.EcDsa
    • EcCurve - enumeration of supported Elliptic Curves
    • OpenSslEcDsa - provides sign/verify ECDSA methods
  • New in Namespace DidiSoft.OpenSsl.Dsa
    • OpenSslDsa - provides sign/verify ECDSA methods
OpenSSL Library for .NET

OpenSSL Library for .NET

API methods for encrypting/decrypting data in formats compatible with OpenSSL library.

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