CRD 7.8 Build 20190717

Adds "Force Larger Fonts" for PDF exports.
July 18, 2019 - 9:13
New Version


  • Merge text outputs when using dynamic packages so you can deliver one output with multiple text reports.
  • Added "Force Larger Fonts" for PDF exports.


  • When using SMS & Red Oxygen, SMS messages are truncating.
  • In System monitor, changes to to the history period are not saved.
  • Data driven schedules are reporting success even when reports failed to generate.
  • Reports are not delivered when using Sharepoint destination.
  • Cannot drag and drop Inserts in the "Reports" section of Data-Driven Package Wizard.
  • Error when external error log is used.
Adds "Force Larger Fonts" for PDF exports


Automated scheduling and delivery of Crystal Reports.

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