PBRS 3.0 Build 20190801

Adds the ability to trigger custom tasks and workflows if a schedule or report is unsuccessful.
August 02, 2019 - 14:58
New Version


  • Multiple instances (data driver rows) of a SSRS report in a Data-Driven schedule can now be executed in parallel.
  • Added the ability to trigger custom tasks and workflows if a schedule or report is unsuccessful.
  • Added the option to overwrite files when exporting to a folder destination.


  • When using the custom task 'Build Excel Workbook' the output format result is an xml file not xlsx.
  • "Relative Time" does not work.
  • Cannot use Inserts in Packaged Report Properties for SSRS in Data Driven Packages
  • Creating a new Power BI data-driven schedule just after running an SSRS data driven schedule causes setting filters to fail if the filter value is a data-driven insert.
  • Error when the Data Driver returns no records has been replaced with a clear description"Data Driver returned no records".
  • Error when you try to access Configuration-> Reports-> Event-Based Packages.
  • Error when you click on "Check for Updates"
  • Occasionally, and without logical explanation, a schedule may run more than once at or around the scheduled time.
  • The failure of one instance (data driver record) of a Data Driven schedule will no longer cause the entire schedule to fail.
  • Issue where schedule history sometimes reports success when it should have reported failure.
  • Right clicking on a package and choosing Open (rather than Properties or Execute) makes it unusable.
  • Schedule execution history window should sort times chronologically and not alphabetically.
  • Schedule name should not automatically be changed after selecting a different SSRS report.
  • The status bar should update after error message box is closed.
  • "Merge PDF" custom tasks does not work.
  • Automation Schedules set to run hourly sometimes triggers more than once an hour.
  • Cannot execute a Power BI Data-Driven schedule when PNG is selected as the output format.
  • CurrentScheduleName insert in Packages does not work.
  • Cannot execute SSRS Data Driven Schedule using Google Drive or Google Sheets as a destination.


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