Hackolade Studio v3.4.1

Improves support for Mongoose.
August 14, 2019 - 15:06
New Version


  • Save/Open: use default path locations first time only in a session, then remember last location used in session.
  • Mongoose forward-engineering: added handling of definition (reverse-engineering will be available in the next version).
  • Mongoose forward- and reverse-engineering: added choice to output in object notation.
  • Added multiple selection in Object Browser, ERD and tree view for more productive copy/paste and delete: Shift+Right-click for contiguous, Ctrl+Right-click for non-contiguous.
  • Added drag-and-drop from/to complex data types at a different level.
  • Added lineage (aka impact analysis, aka where-used) for references plus denormalized keys and denormalized attributes.
  • Added ERD visual for denormalized keys (targets of foreign keys) and denormalized attributes (targets of foreign masters).
  • Reformatted attribute path in JSON Preview validation pane.
  • Added check for plugin updates at startup.
  • Excel: split name of attribute in a column for entity name and a column for attribute name.
  • Cassandra: added authentication through Java Key Store.
  • Cassandra: filtered CQL script in documentation generation if table not selected.
  • Hive: added authentication through Java Keystore.
  • Avro: default must match enum values.
  • Avro: display warning in ERD and tree view if default value does not match data types.


  • Fixed reverse-engineering of JSON data when special symbols are present.
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