GdPicture.NET v14.1.34

Improves Microsoft Office format rendering and TWAIN support.
August 30, 2019 - 8:12
New Version


  • Improved PDF reducer engine.
  • Improved Microsoft Office format rendering.
  • Improved TWAIN support.
  • GdPictureImaging: new method TwainImagePreview().
  • GdPicturePDF: new overload DeleteOCG() to specify if OCG content shall be removed.
  • DocuVieware: improved TWAIN Controller UX.
  • DocuVieware: improved TWAIN acquisition speed.
  • DocuVieware: new Javascript function GetPageWidth().
  • DocuVieware: new Javascript function GetPageHeight().
  • DocuVieware: added the possibility to undo drawings of freehand annotations one by one using ctrl+z shortcut.
  • DocuVieware: added the possibility to select all current page text using ctrl+a shortcut.

Note: A Plugin may be required for some features.


  • Battery of minor bug fixes.

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