PBRS 3.0 Build 20191008

Adds data driven automation schedules.
October 16, 2019 - 14:15
New Version


  • Added Data Driven Automation Schedules. A Data Driven Automation Schedule gives you the ability to data drive the variables of your Custom Tasks without the need to schedule a report.
  • Added the ability to Data Drive number of copies and page range for printer destination in a Data Driven Schedule.
  • Added a check box option to "overwrite existing file" when the report output is saved to disk in a Data Driven Schedule and Data Driven Packages.
  • Added the ability to use a "user defined constant" to populate the SSRS Service URL.
  • Added the ability to remove white space from a Power BI report when exported to PDF format.
  • Added new SSRS insert options "SSRS output Format", "SSRS Report Execution Time", " SSRS Report Folder'', "SSRS Report Name", and "SSRS Total Pages (PDF)"
  • Added the ability to identify when a report or report instance fails, which instance of the report failed and the parameter values.
  • Added a date picker calendar to Power BI Report filters.
  • Added Multi-value filters (pipe delimited) for Power BI reports.
Data Driven Automation Schedules


Automate filtering, distribution and delivery of Power BI and SSRS Reports and Dashboards.

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