GdPicture.NET v14.1.40

Adds PDF redaction support and improves OCR engine accuracy.
October 18, 2019 - 14:57
New Version


  • Added PDF redaction support.
  • Dramatically improved OCR engine accuracy.
  • Improved MRC engine accuracy & speed.
  • Improved OMR engine accuracy.
  • Improved SVG rendering engine, quality and speed.
  • GdPictureOCR: new property EnablePreprocessing.
  • GdPictureOCR: new method GetWordConfidence().
  • GdPictureOCR: new method GetSerializedResult().
  • GdPicturePDF: new method SetOcrPageOrientationDetection().
  • GdPicturePDF: new method AddRedactionRegion().
  • GdPicturePDF: new method ApplyRedaction().
  • GdPicturePDF: new method ClearRedactionRegions().
  • New enumeration OCRBlockOrientation.
  • DocuVieware: new property ImageQuality.
  • Improved rendering speed.
  • Improved font substitution mechanism for all formats.


  • Battery of minor bug fixes.

Note: A Plugin may be required for some features.


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