FathGrid released

Pure JavaScript component for data entry, presentation, management and analytics.
October 21, 2019 - 14:07
New Product


  • Installation - Just include fathgrid.js in your HTML page and you are good to go. No dependencies. Use with any front-end framework.
  • Paging - Set page size, control current page via code or show an intuitive pager with first, previous, current, next, last page buttons. Click on current page to enter a page number to go to.
  • Sorting - Click on column header to sort in ascending or descending order. Hold the shift key to add multiple columns to the sort criteria.
  • Search and filter - Type in instant search box or filter data by column values.
  • Group and aggregation - Easily control data grouping and add group footers with aggregation and/or table footers.
  • Interactive data graph - Data visualization with build-in graphs of various types. Just click in a toolbar to generate a graph. And, the graph will change as you change the data. To enable graph support, include chart.js in your page and charting functionality will be automatically enabled.
  • Print data - Print data without the rest of the page content with a click on a button in grid toolbar. The print function opens whole data grid content in another tab, optionally adds graph and a title, then print..
  • Exporting - Text, CSV, HTML and XLS export formats are supported. To enable PDF export, include jsPDF.js in your page and PDF export functionality will be automatically enabled.
  • Editing - Easily edit cell content. Editor options include text, date, select from list, textarea, color, etc. After each cell modification, a callback function is called to allow sending modified data back to the server.
  • Sub-grids - Use a sub-grid to show details of a currently selected item.
  • Data sources - Inline data, JSON objects, server-side, etc.
  • Visual Themes - Use any CSS framework you want. Easily configure CSS classes for grid elements.
  • Internationalization - Automatically detect client language or use configuration setting. RTL languages are also supported.


Pure JavaScript component for data entry, presentation, management and analytics.

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