PostSharp v6.4.x

Adds support for C# 8 and .NET Core 3.0 WPF and WinForms.
December 04, 2019 - 12:54
New Version


  • Adds support for C# 8.
  • Adds support for .NET Core 3.0 WPF and WinForms.
  • Adds support for .NET Core 3.0 and .NET Standard 2.1.
  • Aspect Framework: Adds the advice OnInstanceLocationInitialized as a standalone advice and into LocationInterceptionAspect. The OnSetValue advice now intercepts a write in some cases where it previously did not.
  • Aspect Framework: You can now order semantically-advised method boundary aspects before non-semantically-advised aspects on iterator methods and methods that return IEnumerable.
  • VSX: Notification when the subscription is expiring.


  • AntLR package causes ambiguous match during type mapping (.NET Core 3.0).
  • Aspect Framework: Indexer was not introduced correctly via IntroduceMember when no indexer was already present in the target type.
  • Aspect Framework: Location validation aspects may conflict with another aspect on a different parameter of the same method.
  • Aspect Framework: OnInstanceConstructed advice causes the build to fail if the aspect is generic.
  • Aspect Framework: OnInstanceConstructed causes the build to fail if applied to a struct.
  • Aspect Framework: PostSharp's [Introduce...] attributes use tail calls even where not legal.
  • Aspect Framework: When an aspect was applied to another aspect, it was silently ignored. Explicit application will emit a warning now.
  • AspectInitializationClient for type is not ordered before the one for members.
  • Build fails when targeting .NET Core 3 and win-x64 target runtime.
  • BuildClient uses a library selected by NuGet for target framework instead of selecting the best assembly for the runtime framework.
  • Cannot build a .NET Core 3 x86 project.
  • Emit build-time profiling information as csv file instead of appending to the log.
  • Improve the exception message when serialization or deserialization of aspects throws.
  • INotifyPropertyChanged: You can now apply NotifyPropertyChanged on iterator methods alongside [Log] and threading aspects.
  • MergeAppConfig is invoked in .NET Core projects.
  • Multicasting: AttributeTargetTypes required the user to put both arity and generic parameter names.
  • PostSharp crashes on .NET Core SDK 3.0.101.
  • PostSharp package should contain unzipper tool in build/_common directory.
  • PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics package contains wrong assembly for net47 (net46).
  • PostSharpValidateLanguageVersion and GetMaxLangVersion tasks should handle "preview" language version.
  • Publishing a .NET Core 3 project fails with System.ArgumentException: Invalid image.
  • ReflectionObjectBuilder throws AssertionFailedException when a type in RuntimeBindingContext is not compatible with the same type in ReferenceBindingContext.
  • Remove the dependency on _CopyFilesMarkedCopyLocal target in build process.
  • Unzipper doesn't run without .NET Core 2.1 being installed.
  • XAML: Dependency properties ignored auto-property initializers.
  • XAML: Dependency properties: property value should not be checked in OnLocationInitialized when value is not set.
  • XAML: Dependency properties: PropertyMetadata.DefaultValue is not set.
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