PBRS 3.0 Build 20200122

Adds the ability to share schedules with other users and groups.
January 23, 2020 - 12:04
New Version


  • Power BI Accounts: Users will only be able to see and view accounts that they have created or those which have been explicitly shared with them.
  • Added the ability, in the collective properties screen, to allow users to change the report's username and password.
  • Excel Output now includes decimal places if these are shown in the Power BI Report.
  • Added the ability to share schedules with other users and groups.
  • Added the ability for the schedule owner to receive error alerts.


  • When a schedule is copied and pasted a non administrator cannot see the pasted schedule.
  • Custom Task- Zip File does not work as expected.
  • Excel Exports missing the last row.
  • MS Excel format options for Worksheet Name and Workbook password for Power BI did not work as expected.
  • Power BI Packages Report has a '.' in the Report Name when runs.
  • Refresh Dataset settings in Single and Package Schedule Properties for Power BI does not save.
  • In System Monitor schedules do not move to the "Currently Executing" section.
  • Unable to remove a schedule from the "Execution Queue" in System Monitor.
  • A Data Driven schedule with more than 200 rows in the Data Driver with a destination of Embedded email fails.
  • When you drag and drop the SSRS URL into the field, it is inserted twice.
  • When you copy and paste a data-driven schedule, the DSN User ID & Password get preserved for the data driver, but NOT for SQL Stored Procedure tasks.


Automate filtering, distribution and delivery of Power BI and SSRS Reports and Dashboards.

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