Structure101 Studio V5.0 b15178

Adds Undo keyboard shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd-Z).
February 11, 2020 - 15:10
New Version


General changes

  • Regenerated help to solve inconsistencies.
  • Added Undo keyboard shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd-Z).
  • Bundled all Dlls in app jar to simplify headless distribution.
  • Populate search dialog with results as they are found.
  • Removed signing data from Eccpresso.jar files.

Java-specific changes

  • Added log of type (for controller).
  • Added type field to findByRealName.
  • Performance: moved unmarshall from visit methods to scan methods.


General changes

  • Studio could not access protected repo; use VM options for now: -Ds101.PasswordAuthentication.username -Ds101.PasswordAuthentication.password.
  • Action list entity (class, file, etc) map should not list inner entities.
  • WebApp diagrams were not being generated for legacy snapshots.
  • Fixed internal tangle; typo fixes; NPE guard in reports; removed superfluous logging.

Java-specific changes

  • Spurious wrapper and spotlighting caused collapse to root.
  • Key Measures XML fat items were written with dots in module names.
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