ActivePDF DocSpace v5.2.0

Adds Windows Explorer right-click integration to enable users to easily select an action to process.
March 26, 2020 - 14:10
New Version


  • Windows Explorer right-click integration: Users can now right-click on a document from the Windows Explorer, then select an action to process.
  • Preview window: Some actions now include a preview window with the default profile. The preview window displays the actual output for the following actions:
    • Convert
      • Text→PDF
    • Pages
      • Append PDF Pages
      • Prepend Pages
      • Replace By Page
      • Rotate PDF Pages
      • Stitch PDF Pages
    • Redact
      • Redact Form Fields
      • Redact Images
      • Redact Text
    • Stamp
      • Bates Number PDF
      • Stamp PDF with Images
      • Stamp PDF with Text
  • New Actions: DocSpace 5.2.0 introduces new actions in the following categories:
    • Accessibility: Accessibility has a new action for Remove Tags, which removes all tags from PDF files.
    • Annotate: Annotate has a new action, Remove Annotations, which removes annotations in PDF files. The default is to remove all annotations, but can be set to only remove specific types of annotations.
    • Bookmarks: A new Delete Bookmarks action is available.
    • Pages: The Merge action has new global settings and a new default profile.
    • Validate: The Validate PDF action validates that PDF files to meet PDF, PDF/A, and PDF/UA formats standards. The action creates an output XML file containing the validation results.
    • Bates numbering (for DocSpace Desktop version only): You can now add Bates numbering to multiple PDF files. Each page of each document is stamped with a unique Bates number indicating its relationship to the other Bates-numbered documents.
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