CADEditorX v14.1

Adds the ability to measure distances on 3D models.
April 24, 2020 - 10:51
New Version


  • Improved display of DWG and DXF files.
  • Support for Parasolid formats (*.x_t, *.x_b) and SolidWorks formats (*.sldprt).
  • Export to IGES, STEP, and BREP file formats.
  • Upgraded tool to measure distance on a 3D model. Now it enables to get, not only the distance between two points and height between two parallel surfaces, but also the distance between two circle centers or between two parallel edges.
  • Saving of measurements performed on 3D models. CADEditorX 14.1 enables you to save all measurements in a separate file and load them when necessary.
  • Saving 3D section views to IGES, STEP, STL, OBJ, or BREP formats.
  • Highlight 3D model edges created by a section plane.
  • New interface of G-code generation from DWG and DXF files. In the new version, it is integrated into the main CADEditorX window.
  • High-quality automatic regeneration of objects.
  • Improved performance of the subprogram ‘Thumbnails’.
Measure distances on 3D models


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