PBRS 4.0 Build 20200530

Adds the ability to data-drive the page to render using the page name or number.
June 04, 2020 - 11:12
New Version


  • Added the ability to chain batch processes with reports using the command line.
  • Added the ability to export Report Tables to Microsoft Excel.
  • Added the ability to remove the Title and Column Headers for CSV outputs.
  • Added a notification when deleting an Event Based schedule if the schedule is in use within an Event Based Package schedule.
  • Added the option to deliver emails within a data-driven schedule immediately instead of at the end of the schedule so that they are sent out sooner.
  • Added the ability to data-drive the report page to render using the page name or number.
  • Added the option to run Custom Tasks Before or After in an event Based Schedule.
  • Added the ability to compress PDFs before delivery.
  • Added the ability to use the native paginated rendering API.
  • General Improvements to Event Based and Data Driven Schedules.
  • General improvements to Custom Calendar.
Data-driven page render


Automate filtering, distribution and delivery of Power BI and SSRS Reports and Dashboards.

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