PBRS 4.0 Build 20200630

Adds the ability to specify and schedule reports using Power BI Bookmarks.
June 23, 2020 - 9:17
New Version


  • Added the ability to specify and schedule reports using Microsoft Power BI Bookmarks.
  • Added the ability to save a copy of the snapshot report and customize the file name using inserts.
  • Added the ability to reveal the Password and Secret of a Power BI account so it can be validated.
  • When using a Data Driven Schedule with Power BI Reports, it is now possible to specify and run a number of records simultaneously (multi-threaded), rather than sequentially.


  • Negative values are not reporting correctly in Microsoft Excel.
  • Unable to save a specified time in Exception Handling.
  • CC and BCC fields do not get evaluated when using inserts in a Data Driven Schedule.
  • Process Watcher does not work as expected.
Specify and schedule reports using Power BI Bookmarks


Automate filtering, distribution and delivery of Power BI and SSRS Reports and Dashboards.

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