PBRS 4.0 Build 20200923

Adds the ability to enter an advanced filter JSON string.
September 24, 2020 - 10:38
New Version


  • Added the ability to enter an advanced filter JSON string so that every filter does not have to be configured manually.
  • Added the ability to fire Custom Tasks once per schedule as well as once per record.
  • Filters will be sent to the PBIRS report so that only relevant information is shown.
  • Added the ability to show and hide the database password on the ODBC connection screen as and when required.
  • Added the ability to add port number to report server URL for PBIRS reports.
  • Added the ability to pass (blank) as a filter value.
  • Added the ability to select an operator when creating a Power BI filter.
Filtering JSON string


Automate filtering, distribution and delivery of Power BI and SSRS Reports and Dashboards.

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