Improves Object Navigator, Compare Schemas and Profile Wizard.
September 24, 2020 - 13:00
New Version


  • Object Navigator
    • Connected sessions in the Object Navigator are now colored according to the selected database type.
    • If a database connection password expires soon or has already expired, both cases are now indicated in the “Change password” window.
  • Find Objects - Removed Public schemas from the system schema list, so the Public schemas now remain visible when the “Hide system schemas” check box is enabled.
  • Compare Schemas - Optimized the memory usage for schema comparison with a large number of objects in each.
  • Profile Wizard - Introduced support for INACTIVE_ACCOUNT_TIME in the Profile Wizard and DDL.
  • Synonym Wizard - The object name is now automatically specified in the Synonym Wizard if the synonym is created from the Synonyms’ sub-folder.
  • Export and Import Wizards - Improved the layout of the UI elements in the Export and Import Wizards.
  • Tray Notifications - Users are now reminded about the upcoming subscription renewal.


Oracle development and database admin.

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